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rescue orientated packages for companies

Robert Day & Company use a rescue-orientated approach ensuring that, wherever possible, the business is returned to its management, financially sound.

We will help you with fully comprehensive information and advice regarding:

• Creditors Voluntary Liquidations
• Members Voluntary Liquidations (Solvent Liquidations)
• Company Voluntary Arrangements
• Partnership Voluntary Arrangements
• Administrations

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

A procedure to wind a company up where a company is insolvent. The directors of the company will convene a meeting of the company's shareholders. The shareholders will pass the resolutions for the winding up of the company and nominate a Liquidator.

Company Voluntary Arrangement

An arrangement to suspend creditors’ action whilst the company undergoes reconstruction or asset sales with a view to continuing trading thereafter. The arrangement is binding on all creditors once the arrangement is approved at a duly constituted Creditors’ meeting.

Members Voluntary Liquidation

A winding up procedure where there are sufficient company funds and/or assets to settle with all outstanding creditors in full. This procedure is instigated by the company’s board of directors and approved by shareholders.


This procedure involves the appointment of an independent Insolvency Practitioner to create and present proposals to creditors for how the company can be restructured to continue trading whilst improving its ability to settle its debts. During the administration period the company is protected from creditor actions.

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